8-26-20 Wednesday

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Just in case you think all my lined-up kitten photos go as planned, I am here to tell you that no matter how hard I try sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. The other day I lined up 8 boxes on the couch, put a kitten in each box, and…

I bet you’re shocked they didn’t stay in the boxes. Porthos had a pressing engagement in NOPEsville, so he ran for his bus.

I mean, cute? Yes. But not what I was going for.

But seriously, how cute are they?

I did get Porthos up there (by grabbing him and putting him up there), but then he gave me the paw.

All 8 kittens – not in boxes, but whatcha gonna do? I love the way Porthos is sniffing Planchet’s ear and d’Artagnan is sniffing Aramis’s ear. Left to right: Winter, Athos, Porthos, Planchet, Aramis, d’Artagnan, Rochefort and Constance.

(I realize that blanket is a little distracting and loud for the background of a picture such as this, but whatcha gonna do? Picture’s taken, we’re gonna have to live with it.)

I introduced the kittens to this toy – it’s the PetSafe Automatic Cheese – and they found it fascinating. They’re the first litter in ages to keep finding it interesting instead of losing interest after the first couple of times.

Rochefort has a sleepy.

Constance is all “HALLO!”

“Grrr! I KILL YOU!” She’s a fierce little thing, that Constance. Porthos doesn’t seem too worried, though.

Porthos playing dead.


Archie gets some outside time.


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8-26-20 Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. They are all so sweet with their teeny, tiny baby sister. That’s gotta be fabulous training for their furever homes.

  2. A PetSafe Automatic Cheese toy?! How about a HumanSafe Automatic Cheese toy! One that shoots out cheese whenever you want it to. (Pandemic and lockdown is getting to me, man.)

    Archie is no worse the wear after spending time with 8 kittens.

  3. So cute!! I laughed and laughed at Porthos giving you the paw – he told you!

    Archie really is awfully handsome, isn’t he.