8-25-20 Tuesday

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Well, don’t Athos and Porthos look COMFY. And more than a little SMUG.

Planchet on the big cat tree in my room, giving the ceiling fan pull the eye. Sooner or later, they all end up here.

“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.” I think Athos needs a squeeze.

Constance and Athos have a snuggly nap.

“The pretty one” is Fred’s nickname for Aramis, in case you were wondering.

And “Tommy Rocky Horror” (a mashup of Tommy and Tony Rocky Horror) is his nickname for d’Artagnan.

(The rest of the nicknames are boring. “Orange” (Athos), “Little sister” (Constance), “Little boy” (Rochefort), “Floofy” (Winter), “Gray” (Planchet), “Black and white” (Porthos).)

Rochefort’s nose, up close, in case you had a need to see it.

Having a craving for sprinkle donuts again.

Sleepy little muffins. (Aramis, d’Artagnan & Porthos)

More sleepy muffins. (Rochefort and Athos)

Winter just heard that she’s going for her spay tomorrow, and she’s not sure how she feels about that.


Alice Mo the calico sure does need a squeezey hug, yo.

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8-25-20 Tuesday — 2 Comments

  1. Hello all! I have a question for the L&H hive mind. I currently have a black light I use to find any cat pee. However, it uses batteries quickly, and when it’s low on batteries it doesn’t seem to illuminate the pee very well. So, question – does anyone have a recommendation for a good blacklight? Thanks!

  2. Re. Fred’s nicknames for the babies – HA! Pretty funny. And “little sister” and “little boy” are quite cute, really 🙂