8-24-20 Monday

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So, here’s a story you might find interesting.

Ever since I got these kittens, Aramis has reminded me VERY strongly of Ryder’s kittens (who we fostered in 2018), especially Axle and Dynamo.


Axle (in 2018).

Dynamo (in 2018).

I’m not sure it translates in pictures all that well, but it’s the eyes. Literally every time I’d be snuggling with Aramis, I’d think “WOW does he look like Axle and Dynamo.” But he was pulled from Athens animal control, so there was no way there could possibly be any relationship there. OR SO I THOUGHT.

Then the other night, Steve (who spotted Ryder moving kittens in 2018 and fostered her and her NIIIIINE kittens until I had room to take them) messaged me to ask if Aramis was the kitten he’d rescued recently. I said I didn’t think so, but then I tried REAL HARD to remember if Michelle had actually said Aramis came from animal control, or if I’d just assumed. (I don’t remember, but I’m sure I just assumed.)

Turns out Aramis IS the kitten Steve rescued a few months ago near where he works (same place Ryder and her kittens came from). A cat was moving her kittens, and when Steve spotted her and went to see what was going on, she ran off, leaving Aramis behind. Then the kitten went to Michelle’s, where it happened that Alexandra had room at the milk bar, and they had a name in need of a kitten.

So clearly there is an unneutered male cat in that neighborhood with very strong genes, and Aramis and Ryder’s kittens are half-siblings or cousins.

And this is what Aramis looked like when he was rescued. (Hopefully his mama will return at some point so she can be trapped and spayed.)

I thought y’all might find that interesting. I sure did!


When Uncle Archie Came Calling (again).

Archie jumped up on the desk and surveyed the room.

When he jumped back down, Constance and Porthos found this a good time to don their Floof Suits.

Aramis’s Floof Suit really shows off his bold stripes.

Uncle Archie flopped down on the floor for a rest. THE AUDACITY.


Porthos was SO OFFENDED (and what a beautiful Floof Suit he has.)

“Yer boring me, kid.”

Archie and ALL 8 kittens. (Fred was waving Da Bird around and they were all fascinated.)


Jake: International Man of Mystery.


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8-24-20 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Oops! I think you meant “Axle and Dynamo” here! Or maybe Piper in your first reference?
    Literally every time I’d be snuggling with Aramis, I’d think “WOW does he look like Axel and Piper.”

    • Dynamo was renamed Piper (and Axle is Axel) and I have a hard time thinking of them by their baby names! 🙂 I’ve fixed it, it should make more sense now. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Wow – great story about Aramis’s likely lineage! That tom cat must be a handsome dude! And the first picture with Archie in the foster room looks like a teacher and three students in a classroom practicing social distancing.

  3. LOVE the picture of Jake! Even in the dark…with just his eyes and mouth visible… the loons are obvious! Also love seeing Archie acting so totally nonchalant– despite the floofing kittens so close by. “Do you REALLY think you scare me”!?

  4. Wow! I DID like that lineage story, very much! Yay for Steve for the initial rescue of wee Aramis, and yay for the teamwork after that to get this little guy all set up for a great life.

    As for this: “…they had a name in need of a kitten”. This is just the best use of words I’ve seen in a long time. LOVE IT.

    All the floof suits – so cute!

  5. Hey Robyn!
    What I think of your website:
    Jason Mraz — ‘You’re an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea.’
    My beloved Zsa Zsa, who is still my foster cat, says to tell everyone Meow!

  6. Aramis is one lucky little kitten! I’m so glad he was found, and that Mama Alexandra is so loving.

    Clearly Uncle Archie is not the least bit bothered with them talking smack to him. Just rolls off his back…

  7. I know, I know… i’m REALLY behind on my blog reading. Just popped in to say that Jake picture… omg. That NEEDS to be next year’s October calendar photo.