1-19-21 Tuesday

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In case you wondered what the back of Canasta’s head looks like.

She’s a goofy girl.

“You kinda weird, lady.”

Sure does love that scratcher!

Canasta has reached the stage of pregnancy where she tries to scratch under her chin, but can only get her back foot up as far as her side, so she kind of scratches the air. Watching her sit with her back foot scratching the air while she stares off into space with her crossed eyes is pretty funny – but of course once I’m done laughing at her, I scratch under her chin for her. I’m not a MONSTER.


Oh, that Khal. He is just so MAGNIFICENT.

I haven’t been able to get it on video yet, but if Khal wants me to pet him, he sits and stares at me, and turns his head slightly to the side. If I don’t pet him, he turns his head more. And so on until his head is turned as far as he can get it, and then he peeps his high-pitched peep at me until I give in. How I have not squeezed him ’til the marshmallow fluff comes out his ears, I do not know.


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