1-26-21 Tuesday

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Just a reminder – the next Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction is starting Saturday morning! It’s a “small” auction – 120 bid sets – but there’ll be a lot of cool stuff to bid on. (I will, of course, be mentioning this again. You can go like the auction page now so you don’t miss out on anything!)


I got a couple more holiday cards! (I’m not surprised that they’re still arriving, with the mail being so bogged down this year.) You can see them here at Flickr, or scroll through them below (they’re arranged newest cards first.)

2020 Holiday Cards Received


Charlie keeps an eye on Canasta.

“She’s a little scary.”

Not so scary that he won’t curl up and take a nap in her ham-mick, though.

Lap time, bath time.

She always looks vaguely amused.


Alice loves that table on the screened in porch – on mild days, she likes to stretch out there. (Please note photobomber Newt, feelin’ judgemental.)

YouTube link


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