1-26-21 Tuesday

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Just a reminder – the next Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction is starting Saturday morning! It’s a “small” auction – 120 bid sets – but there’ll be a lot of cool stuff to bid on. (I will, of course, be mentioning this again. You can go like the auction page now so you don’t miss out on anything!)


I got a couple more holiday cards! (I’m not surprised that they’re still arriving, with the mail being so bogged down this year.) You can see them here at Flickr, or scroll through them below (they’re arranged newest cards first.)

2020 Holiday Cards Received


Charlie keeps an eye on Canasta.

“She’s a little scary.”

Not so scary that he won’t curl up and take a nap in her ham-mick, though.

Lap time, bath time.

She always looks vaguely amused.


Alice loves that table on the screened in porch – on mild days, she likes to stretch out there. (Please note photobomber Newt, feelin’ judgemental.)

YouTube link


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1-26-21 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. I laughed out loud at photobomber Newt. He does look like he thinks Alice is just a load of hot air.

    Canasta seems bigger everyday! I wonder if Charlie will still want to visit the room once the babies have arrived? Or if she’ll even let him come for visits, for that matter.

    • I get the impression that she’d be happier if he didn’t come gallumphing into the foster room, and I’m going to do my best to keep him out at least for the first little while after they’re born.

  2. That belly looks like it’s a half-done JiffyPop. Any guesses when she’ll fully ‘pop?’

  3. Hello Robin,

    My name is Jim and I’ve been watching you and your kitties since…uh…I don’t even know how long now. Years. You’ve been someone I’ve adored watching forever, it seems. You’ve turned me into a “boop”er, and I fear my kitties may yet take a hit out on you for it.

    I’ve always adored your sites, and I’ve thought about sending you a line and saying “thanks” a million times, but I don’t know. It seems sort of weird, just writing someone out of the ether you’ve never met. But if I were, it would be you: I can see how happy ALL the cats you foster turn out. I can see it in their eyes. You are fantastic.

    Well, now I have to write you because I’m a bit desperate…for some advice, believe it or not.

    I have a question, and you certainly don’t have to answer, please don’t feel

    But here goes: I live in a very nice area in Southeast Texas (basically I live in suburban NASA with a bunch of astronauts and engineers). We have inside cats that we take care of, but recently we’ve been feeding strays because…well, they’re in a city and kitties can’t eat concrete. So we let them live in the attic in the garage and I feed and worry over them and pet them. Because no one else will. When my last inside kitties (foster fails) pass, I will probably take these kitties inside.

    But there are a lot of them now: At first it was three beautiful young white girl kittens, but now it’s regularly over half a dozen young cats now, half boys, half girls. The problem is obvious: we have too many of them, and they need to be Trapped, Neutered and Returned. They’re already in heat.

    The problem is where I live doesn’t seem to have any TNR people, and I’ve been searching: even the Houston TNR (which is pretty far away) doesn’t even have a way to even ask questions. Not even an email. The ONLY thing I can do on their web page is volunteer.

    These young animals need to be kept from making more babies, and we just don’t have the cash to catch, medicate and cope with up the first three cats, much less the 8 cats I should be neutering (and possibly up to 11! considering part-time residents). Do you know who I could contact to possibly get help?

    I’m just looking for advice. These cats are young and ready for babies, and it seems I’m the only one taking any care of them at all. Babies are the last thing these babies need, and I can’t trust our city pound (they not only kill, they do sweeps: no freaking way. Not on my watch).

    I should have started asking people questions a month ago and I’m worried they will all be pregnant soon. I’d appreciate any advice you have to give. Sorry for whining.

    And obviously, if you don’t feel you have an answer, don’t. To be honest, I’m just happy I’ve finally written you to tell you your sites are great. It’s obvious you will soon have some cuties who will be happy to tell you they’re the bay-bee.


    Jim V.

    • Hi Jim, I’m in Houston and appreciate your situation. I have two good friends in League City animal shelter, Sean and Amy, a couple, very dedicated, who could possibly help. I’m not sure where they are in relation to you. They’re very experienced at TNR. If you could donate or pay them a bit, that might help. I know them from Friends for Life in Houston. They helped me out a few times. Use my name if you contact them. I can donate some too.

      • Oh thank you. It took me a long time to figure out you weren’t actually from the website or Robin’s, that you were just responding. Thank you very much: I will absolutely be trying to contact them. It’s fantastic just knowing a public shelter I can trust: I live in Friendswood, which is a great place, but I’ve had anecdotal stories about the Friendswood shelter being kill shelters. That plus I had another experience with them that soured me on using them as even a last resort, so I’m leery of any place that isn’t personally recommended. I really, REALLY appreciate that. You, Cynthia, are awesome.

      • Hey Jim,
        If you are able to make a plan with a rescue, please update here so that we can donate to that rescue. If you end up going at it alone, try to find a vet that will work with you, and again let us know here, maybe set up a “Go Fund Me” account so we can all help. The “Love and Hisses” community is amazing, we will help!!

    • Hi Jim – I’ll be happy to post your dilemma in Friday’s post; it looks like Cynthia’s given you a good, possibly helpful tip. Hopefully if her friends aren’t able to help, they can direct you toward someone/an organization who can. And THANK YOU for looking out for them!!!

      • And thanks again, Robin.

        You see, this is the revenge of all the cat ladies: When I was a young man, I was one of the mean boys who teased the girls who cried over little animals. So when I slowly morphed into a guy version of one of those Cat Ladies, it served me right.