1-25-21 Monday

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When I hang out with Canasta in the evenings, she likes it if I lie down on my side and bend my legs to make a space for her between me and the back of the couch. She slides in there, and then bats at me, at her own feet, and just generally has fun.

“What? I know how to party!”

Then she climbs up onto my legs and takes a nap.

Yes indeed, that belly is growing.

Still a playful girl.

At this juncture, I still think we’ve got at least ’til this weekend or early next week before the kittens come. I could be wrong – I often am – but although her belly has gotten big, she hasn’t yet reached this level of misery.

(Maggie in 2011.)

(Isabella in 2020.)


Someone knocked the cat bed onto the floor, and Jake climbed right onto it and took a nap. He doesn’t care.


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1-25-21 Monday — 3 Comments

  1. I know when the kittens will come!

    They’ll come when they’re ready, and not before.

    So there. I’ll take them when she gives them up, and be happy until then just watching her.

  2. Maggie and her zombie kittens will always be my favorite. The video of when the horde took her down…

  3. when MY mom used to sit on the couch like that with her legs bent, I would call it the “boat” when I was little. I always enjoyed sitting in the boat and being close to mom.