1-25-17 Wednesday

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You guys remember Webster and Felix (don’t worry, this is a happy update)? They were with us for about a month last summer, and they looked like this.


And Felix.

Felix and Webster.

Webster and Felix.

Felix (climbing) and Webster snoopervising.

Look guilty, don’t they?

Sweet boys.

Did I mention that Webster likes to climb, just a little?

Webster and Felix were actually adopted before we even got them, they just needed to wait out the time ’til their final vaccinations. Basically, we got to just sit back and enjoy them for the time we had them. They went home in July, and every single picture I see of those boys, they are just spoiled rotten. Cindy posted some pictures on Facebook over the weekend and said that I could share them.

Cindy said: Just in case you think they’ve outgrown their mischief. Felix the climber and Webster the curious one are still up to their tricks. Felix the Climber wishes the closet went a little higher!

What’s that, you say? Felix is climbing?

That surprises me (not!)

His face is just killing me. He’s all, “What? Sitting in the trash can, OBVIOUSLY.”


I love seeing those boys so happy (and spoiled!) in their forever home. Thanks for letting me share, Cindy!


Everyone loves Stefan.

Dennis (and Dewey, back there lurking) love Stefan.

Jake loves Stefan.

Dennis REALLY loves Stefan, though.

Maybe it’s because Stefan will hold paws with him.


Perhaps Dennis likes it when Stefan gets flirty.

Or because Stefan lets Dennis practice his mind-reading skills: “You are thinking… about food. No, napping!”

But wherever Stefan is napping, Dennis isn’t far away.

Archie does not love Stefan, but he can still be found napping nearby occasionally. Make up your mind, Archie! Do you love him or hate him?


Here’s the news, in list form.

1. Malachi showed up again Monday evening.

2. He spent the night in the garage.

3. I dropped him off at the vet Challenger’s House uses so he could be neutered, etc.

4. He is FIV positive.

5. If he went to the shelter, he’d need to be contained in a room by himself.

6. So who out there wants an FIV+ kitty who is not at all aggressive, is people-friendly and cat-friendly? Talk to me. He’s somewhere in the area of 5 – 8 years old (I think closer to 5). The first thing he did when I let him out of the carrier last night was wobble over to me and climb into my lap and then purr like crazy. Every time I went into the bathroom, all he wanted was to be petted (though don’t get me wrong – he appreciated the food Fred offered him, too). He is fully vetted, and I’m willing to travel a bit to bring him to a good home. Also, he’ll come with more cat toys than any cat could ever need in an entire lifetime. If you’re seriously interested, drop me a line.


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1-25-17 Wednesday — 26 Comments

  1. Perhaps Dandelion’s adopter may be interested in Malachi?? What a sweet boy. I wish him the best and the most loving of loving families.

    I love the “holding paws” picture. 🙂

  2. If I were closer, I’d adore having Malachi. But being a country away is a bit too much 🙂 Even my bf thinks he’s a very handsome mancat.

      • Not sure what the border folks require from kitties. And I’m not sure my bf wants us to have one more cat (I have 3 currently) lol. But that boy sure is handsome.

        • Tinykittens rescue sends cats over the border all the time, although going the other way. I think just full documentation of shots is required, and of course, the humans accompanying need to have their papers.

  3. This is a wonderful post and deserves to be in the favorites — and will be even more so once Malachi finds his family. That boy is sweetness personified. Much gratitude to Robyn and Fred for saving him and so many others.

  4. Webster’s cheeks… I want to squeeze them!
    The bromance between Stefan and Dennis got me all giddy. 😀

  5. I love that Stefan has buddies now (groupies? lol)

    Maybe this confuses Archie and he now thinks maybe being friends with Stefan could be a good thing… but then maybe his jealousy kicks in and he hates him all over again. We’ll never know. Cat psychology is hard!

    • I think you are right! He is thinking, “What do they know that I don’t know?? What am I missing out on?” Then it is all, “HEY! He’s a git! Why aren’t you being my bff instead!??” ::fume::