1-13-21 Wednesday

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She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she was willing to look at me.

Pretty girl.

Fred was waving a teaser around, and she gave me this look.

And then she grabbed for it (but missed.)

Not much to report on the Canasta front. Still hanging in there – still eating like crazy, still coming for snuggles. Still loving that bed in the window! All good. Oh actually, I can report: she doesn’t mind kisses. Might even like them!


When the foster room was accessible to everyone (before Pretzel and Peanut/Fritter went home and they were roaming around the house), Newt reminded me that he likes to sit in this window and judge the dog next door. Duly noted, Newt.

Speaking of Newt, the other night I was watching TV in bed, and a cat climbed into bed with me, settled at my feet, and purred like crazy. I assumed it was Charlie – wasn’t paying attention – only when I got up to put my phone away, I realized… it was Newt! Newt doesn’t snuggle, doesn’t sleep with me, doesn’t really want much from me unless it’s canned food (or more correctly, the can the canned food came in). Now here he was – he actually stayed with me for most of the night. I guess an old cat (he’s 15 now) can learn new tricks!


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