1-6-21 Wednesday

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Uncle Charlie’s trying to take a snooze, but Moira won’t have it.

“Wake UP!”

I love the “What are you doing?” look on his face.

“Can’t a man take a nap around here?”

Bath time for Charlie.

Just in case you think Moira’s the only one without a sense of personal boundaries here, she was in the litter box, using it, and Charlie was all “Hmm. I think I’ve gotta pee.”

And he climbed right on in.

I love watching Moira and Charlie play. I would love even more to see them snuggle, but that’s apparently not in the cards… YET.


Alice Mo, before I started talking to her.

And Alice Mo right after I started talking to her. I love the little kneady paw.

Alice Mo inside is a sight that always makes me happy. When we have kittens running around the house, no matter how respectful they are (like Pretzel and Peanut/Fritter were), she refuses to come inside during the day and hangs out on the screened porch or outside. She waits until everyone is asleep, and then she comes in. (Before you’re TOO concerned about her, there are several heated spots on the back porch as well as water and food, and a litter box.) Now that we’re back down to the permanent residents, she comes inside during the day regularly and I love seeing it.

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