1-12-21 Tuesday

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Canasta’s all “Watching you, lady.”

Little bit bleppy.

She likes being held on her back like a baby, as you can see.

She is EXCEEDINGLY fond of catnip. I mean, I probably shouldn’t encourage a pregnant lady to partake of mind-altering substances, but y’know. Maybe her kittens will be born with twirly eyes.

Speaking of eyes – yes, she is cross-eyed. I think it adds to her charm. A few people have suggested that she’s got some Siamese in her genetic background. Maybe! Maybe we’ll get a litter of meezers. Or a litter of brown tabbies. Or a litter of… at this point, I think we might get just about anything.

There’s something about her that reminds me of Charles, papa to the Half Pints two (two? Wow!) years ago. I mean, there’s the obvious – white with brown tabby patches – but also something in the way she acts. Maybe it’s as simple as the fact that she came out of the carrier and was immediately comfortable. I think Charles was like that.

Her belly really does look like a pregnant belly to me, but of course we’ll see. One thing I realized yesterday is that Moira DID NOT have the appetite of a pregnant cat. She’d nibble on her plate of canned food every now and then – Canasta gobbles hers down in 30 seconds flat and then lets me know that if I had more, she’d be okay with that.

I can report that for her first full day here, Canasta ate, greeted visitors (me and Fred) when we came in to see her, snoopervised my laundry-doing, and the rest of the time she spent curled up in the awesome bed in the window. Occasionally she’d slide out of the bed to stretch out, and then return to the bed. (I can state that thus far, she LOVES that bed, which is a bed I won in Andrea’s most recent online auction. Seriously, Andrea makes the BEST stuff.)

So now we wait… and snuggle Canasta… and stare at that belly!


Charlie takes a bath.

And has a think.


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