1-15-21 Friday

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Ever since Canasta showed up she’s reminded me of something/one.. I think I know what it is! She looks like she’s squinting a little and it reminds me of the eyelip kittens you had way back when, the ones who got surgery to move lip skin to their eye lids.(can’t think of their collective name off hand and am too lazy to look it up) She doesn’t have eyelid issues does she?

That’s the True Bloods you’re thinking of and I can see the resemblance! She doesn’t have eyelid issues though, thankfully. For the first few days we had her, her eyes were bothering her, so I put ointment in them, which made her even squintier. The ointment seemed to help, but I think it’s just the shape of her eyes that makes her look like she’s squinting – she doesn’t have big round eyes like Moira Rose (now Roxy) does.


Is she especially tall or leggy?

Canasta might be a little taller than the average cat, but to me she looks pretty average, size-wise. She’s just lanky, which makes her look longer and taller.


Is it bad I’m most sad there will not be baby Schittheads?

We’re going to save that naming theme and use it in the future. So baby Schittheads there will be at some point!


Canasta has a routine: she eats breakfast or dinner, waddles across the room to this scratcher, sharpens her claws, and eventually makes her way to my lap.

Then she has a bath.

“Now that’s a belly, lady.”

Then we have a snuggle.

“I likes my routine.”


Alice Mo the calico sure does have pretty eyes (yo).

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