1-8-21 Friday

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Does anyone know of an over the counter cat food that will help with weight loss? Zombie is 20.5 lbs and is round like a basketball.

Beth said (and I agree) – Less dry food, more canned, more exercise. Most importantly – talk to your veterinarian.


Are Charlie and Moira bonded and if yes, will you then make Moira a permanent resident?

They are not bonded, and Moira will not be a permanent resident.


I adore Alice Mo. (but where did the “mo” part come from?)

From Fred! He came up with “Alice Mo the Calico” (which naturally led to “sure does love her Daddy, yo” from me.)


Do you know what happened to the mamas of the Vittles? Did they get adopted?

I’m pretty sure all three of them are still at Michelle’s. Pistol Annie (mama to Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok & Davy Crockett) was just reunited with her paramour/baby daddy recently, and she was pretty happy to see him!


Maybe I’m not keeping track right, but did anyone have to go to PetSmart this year? If not, that’s quite an accomplishment!

Well TECHNICALLY two kittens did go to Petsmart – Josephine and Gabrielle were there for a couple of weeks (I think) before they came back here for a few weeks before they could go home. But other than those two, no one had to go to Petsmart, they either went to Michelle’s (Bunny and Alexandra) or straight home from here.


As the kittens get bigger, can’t you see them kicking in Mom’s belly?

Usually you can see kitten movement in the last one to two weeks of pregnancy, thus the alien-belly videos I’ve managed to get in the past. Until we get to that point, though, I am clueless to how far along in the pregnancy the supposedly-pregnant cats are.


So today marks three weeks since Moira Rose came to us. We’ve been making friends with her, watching her belly to see it grow, pampering her, giving her as much attention as she’d allow, and just generally doing everything we do when we have a pregnant cat.

Yesterday morning I looked at her and I counted up the days and I thought “That belly really looks nice and round but… it hasn’t grown. Shouldn’t it be bigger by now?”

Then Fred and I discussed it, and he was like “Well, it feels pregnant to me, but you’re right – it hasn’t grown at all.” So I messaged Brittany and said “To be honest, I’m just not positive she’s pregnant… and she’s been here three weeks.”

As it happened, it was a spay/neuter/vet day at Michelle’s yesterday (it’s a mobile vet), and the vet was able to fit in an exam. I took her over yesterday afternoon, and whattaya know.

Moira Rose is not pregnant. Moira Rose is a big ol’ faker.

“I never said I was pregnant.”

Little Miss Innocent.

The vet reported that Moira Rose had a thick pad of fat in her belly area.


Short ‘n stocky.

Such a pretty girl.

Since the vet had to sedate her to examine her, she went ahead and spayed, microchipped and vaccinated her.

Which means that if YOU were one of the people seriously interested in adopting her, it’s time to speak up. READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW and then email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling.

Moira Rose (date of birth 2/18/20) was rescued from an outdoor colony. Due to the roundness of her belly and the fact that she was an unspayed female around unneutered males, we assumed that she was pregnant. After a few weeks, we realized that somehow she’d managed to escape that particular fate! She has now been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is a very sweet but nervous girl – it took her about a week before she was comfortable being petted. Now she will climb into our laps – though won’t stay there very long, just a minute or two – and loves to be petted. She can be easily overwhelmed and will smack your hand (without using her claws) if she feels uncomfortable, but as long as she has space to retreat and calm down before she approaches you again, she’s fine. It will take time and patience on your part, but we are certain that she will make a lovely lapcat and companion once she’s acclimated. Moira LOVES other cats, and must be in a home with other cats to play with – she’s still a kitten and has a lot of kittenish energy. She’s very playful and doesn’t mind entertaining herself, but she really likes to wrestle and play chase with other cats.

NOTE: We will be getting another pregnant cat soon – possibly as soon as today – to take up residence in the kitten room, and unless she’s adopted before then, Moira will go to Michelle’s.


Khal’s all “I knew there were no kittens.”


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