6-29-20 Monday

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Bunny’s Glamour Shot.

So here’s something you may have noticed about the Fluffles: they like boxes.

Lola in a box, Benjamin in mid-leap into a box, Clyde considering that box.

Honey would like you to know that this is an excellent box.

“This is the best box, lady. The BEST.”

Cutey is all “When we are grown, Bugs, we’re gonna have SO MANY boxes. Wall to wall boxes. Boxes everywhere!” Looks like Bugs is on board with that plan.

Looks like the kittens come by their love of boxes honestly.

Lola loves the smell of fresh cardboard in the morning.

So when I was at Sam’s Club the other day, I happened to wander through the produce section, and I saw a box that made me stop in my tracks. I had to have it because it was huge and sturdy and PERFECT.

It’s a SUMMER Cuties box!

This was a particularly hard picture to get because Cutey never stays anywhere I put her. But look: for one bright shining instant all 6 kittens were IN the box.

Cutey’s outta there, and Lola’s giving Mama a kiss. Awww.

(But don’t worry. We’re going to keep the little Cuties box ’til it’s nothing but a few scraps of cardboard. OR gets peed in. One or the other.)


In the evenings you can always find Jake hanging out in this house in the back yard and looking smug.


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