6-8-20 Monday

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Back in 2015, I posted about two kittens (6-7 weeks old) then named Linus and Lucy, who needed a home.

The other day, warriorinside said:

Awwww, the 2015 entry makes me smile! My first view of Linus and Lucy and knowing -right then- that those were my kittens. Linus and Lucy are still with me, happy, healthy, bitey little brats, and I love them both to death.

In that video, I’m pretty sure that Lucy (now Kira) was yelling about being held, and she still doesn’t like it, although she will sleep on my chest. She opens doors, flushes toilets for entertainment, chases her kitty sisters, fights with her brother, and is a very, very soft kitty to pet. She and her kitty housemate Sheba are my daytime companions while I work from home.

Linus (now Fizzgig) is a glorious floofy chonk of a cat who I’m almost certain has Maine Coon in him. He is still the first one to vamoose at a knock on the door, but he has started coming to me for love, jumps on every other cat in the house, and is occasionally a turd to everyone. THANK YOU Robyn and Barbara for sending these two my way! I will try to get some pictures to share.

Here they are now!

As you can see, I work from home and have lots of help. Lucy (now Kira) is the one sacked out on my laptop keyboard.

Linus (now Fizzgig) is the regal-looking floofball. (Check out his tail, I’ve never seen another quite like it.)

The third shot is my work from home help, which includes both of them plus Clio (the tux) and Sheba (house panther), who were also found as dumped kittens in a park.

Fizzgig on the left, Kira on the right.

I love seeing those sweet, happy babies and I cannot believe it’s been 5 years. Thank you, warriorinside! (I love a happy update to start off the week!)


Clyde’s chilling in the Toastycat bed.

We’re serving Cuteylattes, and I hope you like yours EXTRA sweet.

It’s a LolaClyde pie. My favorite!

Lola loves that collar (and I love Lola’s tummy and toes!)

Bugs and Benjamin enjoy their Fancy Sofa.

“WHAT. Ain’t you ever seen a kitten in a tiny pink bath tub before?” Honey demands.

It’s nap time. I don’t know where Cutey and Clyde were – probably curled up somewhere together.

I love this picture of Benjamin and Lola, because they’re adorable, of course. But I also love that you can really see the color change in Lola’s eyes. Here, here’s a closeup:

I think she’s going to have pretty green eyes like her Mama. I think all of Bunny’s kittens probably will.

Benjamin’s face is killing me. “You see what I put up with, here?”


Yes, Khal IS a bit of a ‘niphead.


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