6-18-20 Thursday

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“What you want, lady?” Benjamin has a sleepy.

As noted, Clyde loves that pie plate and also loves curling up with the other kittens. He’s not picky – whatever other kittens are around is fine with him.

He’s also a fan of that box. And let me suggest that Mango would be a good name for him.

Benjamin says “You gots a big foot, Clyde.”
Clyde admits “Is true, I do.”

Honey on the cat tree in my room, giving me a little attitude.

Clyde is all “How’d you get in THERE?” and Benjamin says “I don’t KNOW, I think I live in here now?”

The packing strap is the Best! Toy! EVER! as illustrated by Bugs and Lola.

Ooh, it’s a Bugs-topped sprinkle donut. My favorite!

Benjamin and Clyde have a tussle.

Check out the curls on that belly!

Bunny is such a gorgeous girl.


Newt’s all “How YOU doin’?” Looking pretty good for an old guy, isn’t he? (He’s 14, which I guess isn’t SO very old. But he’s the old guy around here.)


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