6-18-20 Thursday

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“What you want, lady?” Benjamin has a sleepy.

As noted, Clyde loves that pie plate and also loves curling up with the other kittens. He’s not picky – whatever other kittens are around is fine with him.

He’s also a fan of that box. And let me suggest that Mango would be a good name for him.

Benjamin says “You gots a big foot, Clyde.”
Clyde admits “Is true, I do.”

Honey on the cat tree in my room, giving me a little attitude.

Clyde is all “How’d you get in THERE?” and Benjamin says “I don’t KNOW, I think I live in here now?”

The packing strap is the Best! Toy! EVER! as illustrated by Bugs and Lola.

Ooh, it’s a Bugs-topped sprinkle donut. My favorite!

Benjamin and Clyde have a tussle.

Check out the curls on that belly!

Bunny is such a gorgeous girl.


Newt’s all “How YOU doin’?” Looking pretty good for an old guy, isn’t he? (He’s 14, which I guess isn’t SO very old. But he’s the old guy around here.)


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6-18-20 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. Is that a new kitten in the pie plate with Clyde? She looks kind of calitabby and there isn’t one of those in this kitten All Sorts litter!

  2. I would love to come scoop Clyde up and take him home. We have a strict house rule of not bringing home anything that eats and poops unless we get rid of something that eats and poops. So, until the adult children leave, (or my husband HA!), we are full up.