6-17-20 Wednesday

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“What doin’, weird lady?” inquired Benjamin. And then I squooshed him.

Honey was just hanging out by the scratcher, and then Benjamin came over and flopped down against her and stuck his front paws in the tunnel, and she gave me this look like “You see what I have to put up with?”

Lola has a sleepy.

Benjamin hanging out on the Fancy Sofa.

Cutey’s all “LADY, what you want?”

Cutey out cold.

There’s this cat cave in Fred’s office that Jake occasionally uses. Honey discovered it and passed out cold.

Lola and Clyde. And then I died from the cute.

Clyde, Lola and Bugs discovered the rug under Fred’s desk and declared it comfy.

Look at the size of that paw! Bugs is all ears and legs and big ol’ feet.


Dewey, the instant before he realized I was taking his picture – and then he was GONE.


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6-17-20 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. The kittens are very cute. But where is Bunny? We have not seen her in a while…

    • I can’t believe she’s two – and I can’t believe she’s only two! She’s done a lot of living in those two short years. 🙂

  2. This post makes me sleepy. So many sleepy kittens. All the sleepy kittens.