6-17-19 Monday

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ATTENTION: In case you missed it, Charles and Caroline are now on Facebook here, and on Instagram here!

Also, the kitten formerly known as Almanzo – he’s Cooper now! – is on Facebook here, and Instagram here with his big (doggy) brother Alf and big (kitty) sister Madison!

AND the fearsome duo known as Albert and Willie are on Instagram here.

What about Laura and Mary, you ask? Well, last night I got this!

Nelda said: I wanted a bonded pair. Laura and Mary are doing great! How sweet is that? (Thanks, Nelda!!)

How cool is it that we get to still see these guys regularly? I love it!


Jacques on the scratcher. Couldn’t you just smoosh him?

Amelie is doing well, if you’ve wondered. She’s gained 2 ounces since she saw the vet last week, which may not sound like much, but at 11.5 ounces, she’s at her highest weight yet. She’s eating on her own (and nursing when Katriane will let her), and playing like a wild thing.

Francois always looks so SERIOUS.

Jacques and Esmee show off their big bellies.

Oh, those blue eyes! (Jacques)

Katriane (on the tree) and Jacques (on the floor.)

Katriane opens the milk bar, and gives Amelie a much-needed bath.

Esmee and Jacques find Margeaux’s tail endlessly entertaining.

Madeline and Antoine find it hard to get going in the morning.

“May contain something awesome” indeed. (Margeaux)

All six kittens are technically present in this picture, though you have to look under the scratcher to see a tiny bit of Francois.

Francois (left) and Madeline. They’re very easy to tell apart when they’re together, since he’s so much darker than she is. But when I get a picture of just one of them, it’s much harder to tell.

Box o’ kittens. Amelie loves to curl up with the “new” three kittens, maybe because they’re closer to her size.


It’s a rough life for our Dewey.


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6-17-19 Monday — 4 Comments

  1. “Madeline and Antoine find it hard to get going in the morning.”. I hear you, little dudes…

    I’m curious, have you had any feline visitors at Shady Cove since you’ve been there? I know that it’s a much more contained area than Crooked Acres was, but where there’s a will…

  2. This post has everything — updates on beloved graduates, insanely cute kittens, and DEWEY!!!