6-16-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

“Hi innernets!” (Jacques)

“Innernets, it’s late. Go to bed! (Good night!)” (Esmee. Yes, her nose is a mess. 10+ days of having food caked on and around her nose nearly all the time has caused some irritation. Now that she’s getting the hang of eating with her mouth instead of trying to absorb it through her nose, it will hopefully clear up soon.)

Good night, innernets.

Tiny Amelie is home from the vet! She got some stuff to help stop the 💩, we’re switching up the probiotic we’re giving her, and otherwise she looks good. She was happy to get home, has eaten a bit, is following the milk bar around, and has made her sister cry. All in all, a full day for that girl.

Good night, innernets. (Esmee)

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BOOPing kittens.

I always forget there are people who don’t read the blog, so I imagine it’s been a little confusing around here for some of you the last few days. On Monday I went to the same shelter where I got Margeaux and (not)her three kittens 2 weeks ago. This time I picked up an actual lactating mother and three kittens who may or may not belong to her, but have been with her for at least a couple of weeks. They joined Margeaux, Amelie, Esmee and Jacques, and there’s been very little drama between the two adults, thankfully. So say hello to Katriane, who after a day of being slightly freaked out, is letting all the kittens nurse (which was our hope.) The kittens were immediate friends, and I’ll be introducing Katriane’s kittens later this morning. Katriane is young (I would put her at a year, more or less, but I’m no better at aging adults than I am kittens, so take that with a grain of salt ) and she is very sweet and chatty. And beautiful!

Continuing with the introduction of the new kittens, here we have (on the left) gray tabby kitten Francois and his equally gray tabby sister Madeline. They are absolutely adorable, like to be held and kissed, and have the tendency to get lost in corners and wail in terror until someone comes to find them. (Bless their little hearts.)

Last of the new kittens is this tiny meezer. As is integral to the Love & Hisses brand, we had a mis-sexing incident wherein we thought we had a girl, so named her Eloise. Then we realized we actually had a boy on our hands, so meet Antoine. He is exceedingly friendly, loves to be held, loves to be kissed, and will roll around in your arms all the live-long day, kneading and purring. He’s a confident little monkey, and has already become fast friends with Esmee, Amelie, and Jacques.

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Good night, innernets. (Jacques)

“Some of us are smart enough to stay up out of the fray, Katriane.” Katriane (on the floor) and Margeaux (up on the cabinet.)

Tiny Jacques in the tiny basket.

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Good night, innernets. (Antoine)

Katriane and her minion Amelie.

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Oh, that Esmee.

“Some of us like to make sure the babies don’t STARVE, Margeaux.” (Katriane on the floor with Esmee; Margeaux up on the cabinet where babies can’t get her.)

There’s a whole lotta cute on that scratcher. (Antoine, Madeline, Amelie, Francois – and Jacque’s ears behind the scratcher.)

Good night, innernets. (Antoine & Francois)


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