6-16-20 Tuesday

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I meant to share this picture yesterday, but check out this cute girl.

What, momma, it’s just a toy.

That’s Stardust, one of Mercury’s Missions from 2017. Isn’t she gorgeous?

(Thanks, Debra!)


Benjamin’s laughing at his own joke again.

His face cracks me UP. (Both this pic and the previous came from the tail end of a yawn.)

I don’t remember what Clyde and Cutey were looking at, but it certainly had their attention.

We have a new box and they LOVE it. (We still have the Cuties box, worry not, I think they like this one so much because it’s new and is also a bit smaller.)

“This is a good box,” Bugs declares.

“Halp! Halp! I’m stuck!” Poor Lola.

And now Bugs is “stuck” under there, and Lola is helpfully smacking at him.

Perfect size for two kittens. And wouldn’t “Champagne Mango” be a good kitten name?

“You is funny, lady.”

Clyde in the pie plate, being cute. Like he does.

BOOM. All 6 present, looking in my general direction, kinda lined up. My work here is done. (My work here is never done.) Left to right: Honey, Bugs (back), Lola (front), Cutey (back), Clyde (front), Benjamin.


I’m sorry, Khal cannot come to the phone right now, he’s super busy sitting at the window looking for all the world like he wants to come inside. Then when we open the window for him, he stares at us in an appalled manner and does not come inside. Please call again later.


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