5-20-20 Wednesday

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Big name for a little Benjamin.

Honey was unsure about this situation.

Bugs thinks we need cuter blocks.

Lola’s all “I ain’t going near those blocks and you can’t make me, lady.”

I like how the Toastycat bed is looking on approvingly at Bugs the Cutie.

Lola would like it known that she is also a Cutie.

My plan to have the Cuties box completely consumed by kittens is right on track, I see.

Sleepy attitude.

Bunny’s keeping an eye on me.


Honey’s the only one I’ve seen going through that scratcher, and she does it in style.

Bugs in the Toastycat bed. Yes, I put him there. But he stayed!

And then I put the others in to join him, and Lola was all “Really, lady?”

Bunny said “Why have you made a kitten sandwich with my children?” (Note to self: I need tomato and lettuce toys to complete this kitten sandwich idea.)

Bunny is off for her spay surgery this morning! I imagine we’ll be home again by mid-day.

Yes, Bunny will continue to produce milk, and she will allow her kittens to nurse until they’re weaned. Which, reminder: I’ve had exactly one mother cat wean her kittens. In my experience mothers usually let their kittens nurse until they’re adopted out. If Bunny decides to be the one mother who won’t let her kittens nurse after she’s spayed (I doubt it), I’ve got the supplies to bottle feed. Also, the kittens are starting to show a little interest in the canned food Bunny loves so much, so I suspect they’ll be eating on their own before too long.

I know Bunny is shockingly thin and looks even more so since she’s shaved. She is not going to put on substantial weight until she’s no longer nursing kittens. It’s not a lack of food that’s keeping her thin, it’s that all the food she eats is turned into energy for her kittens. As utterly adorable as they are, I am very glad that this is her last litter.


Archie has a smug.


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