5-29-20 Friday

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I know his markings are different, but every time I see Clyde, I think of Spanky.

It’s funny you say that, because Fred called Clyde “Baby Spanky” when he first saw him – even though the markings are different and Spanky wasn’t floofy.


Your comment: “I love that they’re using the Toastycat bed” was duly noticed by me as the only time I think I’ve commented on your blog, though I’ve been reading & enjoying it for years, has been about THAT bed! I love these kittens are using it ! And, no, I do not have any economical interest in it! I just think it’s cute! I’m so glad all the kittens are getting along.

I was honestly starting to wonder if any fosters would ever like that bed. I’d see pictures of ALL KINDS of cats and kittens sacked out in their Toastycat beds, and wonder what I was doing wrong. I guess I just needed the right set of fosters!


Is it just me, or does Cutey have an ENORMOUS head?

That girl has a BIG ol’ noggin, especially obvious when she’s next to Honey, who is tiny and delicate.


Maybe it’s just the lighting or angle, but were any of Bunny’s Fluffles born with a touch of a fever coat? Or are the just sporting really hip suits?

I don’t see any signs of fever coat on them, I think they’re just interestingly marked!


Oh, by the way, Robyn. I showed one of your recent posts to my seven-year-old niece, Laura. She a) thought Benjamin and Honey were super cute, b) said Alice was adorable (her wording, and she’s totally right), and c) cracked up laughing at the Alice Mo the calico song.

Laura has excellent taste!


Honey takes a nap in the Toastycat bed. Which comes with a toy stick of butter.

Still haven’t seen him attempt to nurse, but could he POSSIBLY be any more pleased with himself?

Bugs and Clyde in the Cuties box, with Honey looking on.

Bugs loves his Mama. (Look how huge her paw is compared to his!)

Looks like it’s nap time.

Bugs and Lola are having a very important meeting.

I just love his sprinkle of white furs.

Bugs grabbed for Bunny’s tail and missed totally.

Bunny likes to hang out on the couch for some quiet alone time, and then Lola figured out how to get up there. Bunny doesn’t really seem to mind.

Benjamin and Cutey have a tussle.

Benjamin and Clyde have a tussle. He must be a good tussle partner!

The kittens are all eating – to some extent – solid food. Clyde and Cutey are still offered the bottle a few times a day and they drink a little, but aren’t drinking it as voraciously as they have been. (I’ve offered the bottle to Bunny’s kittens, and while Bugs thought it was an interesting flavor, none of them are really at all interested.) Everyone’s litter box trained (though their perfect poops have suffered since the switchover to solid food began, and yesterday I started giving them probiotics mixed with goat milk, which they like.) Everyone – and this is the big news – weighs MORE than 1 pound, though Honey and Benjamin are just barely over that point. Lola continues to be the biggest kitten, at 1 1/2 pounds. Bugs is the next biggest kitten at 1 1/4 pounds. Clyde and Cutey are at 1 pound 2 ounces, and as mentioned Honey and Benjamin are barely over 1 pound. I would like them to start packing on the weight now that they’re eating on their own, but they’re playing like crazy, doing everything they should be doing, so I’m not going to worry too much about their weight. They are the lightest 7 week old kittens I’ve ever had, but it certainly doesn’t hold them back.

Bunny’s neck wound, now that she’s wearing the soft cone/collar, is healing very well. I have hope that in another week she can go without anything around her neck, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed!


Khal has a think, and that think is “I am magnificent.” And he certainly certainly IS.


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