5-7-20 Thursday

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The kittens came through their spay/neuter surgeries just fine – we were home by lunch time, and though they were a little dopey they slept it off in no time and were racing around like crazy at bedtime last night. I believe this litter the first one I’ve had who made it TO their surgeries and home again with none of them pooping or peeing in the carrier, for which I am grateful (and also don’t expect to see again in my lifetime).

Pablo up high.

The boys regarding the ceiling fan pull.

And Carmelita said “Wait for me! Wait for me!”

“That is an excellent ceiling fan pull indeed.”

Those little faces crack me UP.

Alejandro with the slappin’ paw ready.

Javier and Carmelita are having a private discussion and wish me to leave.

Slowly venturing downstairs.

“Not sure what I think about this whole “downstairs” idea, lady.”

Diego has a snooze on the guest bed.

Carmelita’s over this modeling nonsense.


It’s a box o’ Newtles.


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