5-26-20 Tuesday

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They hadn’t been in the crate for a couple of days, and I thought to myself “Maybe it’s time to put the crate away” and the instant I thought that, they started hanging out in there again. Honey’s looking at me like “This is our CHILDHOOD HOME. You can’t take it away!”

Lola’s all “What? We is snuggling!”

I love that they’re using the Toastycat bed.

Honey sure does love that scratcher.

“Innernets, please admire my foot. It’s a good foot, right?” That’s Cutey, in case you were curious. She has an orange stripe by her nose for easy identification.

That collar is certainly not holding her back.

“Do I know you?” Bugs said to Clyde. ::sniff::sniff::SNIFF::SNIFF::

Bugs’s skeptical face is killing me. “I know that guy – and he’s TROUBLE.”

Clyde’s keeping an eye on things.

I cannot even with that cute little face.


Jake has a serious.


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