5-6-20 Wednesday

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Watching the ceiling fan pull (you can see it in the upper left corner of the picture.)

Still watching…

Diego takes a smack.

Alejandro takes a break.

Javier’s all “How YOU doin’?”

Javier in the scratcher, fitting just fine.

And Javier rolling his eyes at me. BRAT.

A rare picture where Pablo looks amazed by something.

I put those carriers in their room so they’d get used to them, and they have a blast playing on and in them.

Carmelita in the scratcher, with Javier messing with her tail. Just like when they were little!

She’s so darn cute.

Diego in the scratcher. Is he stuck? Nope. Not stuck!

Breakfast is served!

The kittens are off for their spay and neuter surgeries today. I expect everything to go smoothly, and that by bedtime they’ll be racing around like usual!


Dewey vacating the catnip pot because he knew I wanted a picture of him sitting there. MEAN.


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