5-21-20 Thursday

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Bugs was climbing up that little cat tree – even made it to the second level – but backed down to the ground before I could get his picture.

Honey and Lola, snuggled up.

Oh, that Bugs.

I interrupted nap time, apparently.

Everyone else scattered, but Bugs remained belly-up.

Lola’s all “Whoa, you weren’t kidding. I DO have a long tail!”

Due to the post-online auction craziness, Bunny and the kittens got moved to the guest bedroom for a couple of days, and the kitten room looked like this.

This was Monday night, after Teresa and I had spent something like 6 hours pulling items together so that packing orders on Tuesday would run smoothly. When we got to the very last name on the list and the only things sitting out were the items going to that last person, and we had NO stray items sitting around – I’m not going to lie, it was kind of a rush. Packing on Tuesday went well (another 5+ hours of work – thank goodness we had Dawn here to help with the packing!) and we ended up with 50+ packages to ship out. Another auction (mostly) done!

I worried that, being in the guest bedroom where there’s a bed, the kittens would spend all their time under the bed. But nope – they like to hang out in their crate and in this bed.


Another glimpse of Lola’s belly.

Bunny came through her spay surgery just fine. She was a tiny bit wobbly still when I got her home, so I thought I’d keep her in the bathroom for a little while to let her recover, but she made sure to let me know that that was NOT what she wanted. I put her back with the kittens, she cleaned them, let them nurse, and they all napped together. They’re still in the guest bedroom (I didn’t get a chance to move all the boxes and auction packing supplies out of the kitten room), but I’ll be moving them back into the foster room later today.

I didn’t mention this in yesterday’s post, but Bunny was SUPER affectionate Monday and I thought “Wow, she really likes me… OH.” Yep, by Tuesday our girl was in full-blown heat. Her LAST heat cycle, and doesn’t this make you hate Mother Nature just a bit? Her kittens aren’t even 6 weeks old and her body was ready to get pregnant again. No chance of that now!


Oh, that Khal. Isn’t he MAGNIFICENT?


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