5-18-20 Monday

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Honey is such a little cutie, and she totally knows it.

Bunny the lapcat.

At first I thought Honey was always semi wearing her Stranger Danger floof, but she’s always like this, so I guess it just must be her natural floofiness that makes her look floofed!

Judging me.

They were playing a round of Slappy Paws and stopped to look at me. (It looks in this picture like Benjamin is half the size of Lola. He’s not – he is smaller than she is, but not THAT much smaller.)

Benjamin’s tellin’ her how it is.

Bugs gets a snuggle.

First time I’ve seen a Mama get in the Cuties box! (Lola’s little face on the left side of the picture cracks me up.)

Lola joins Bunny.

Bugs is all “Lady, I can’t find my Mama anywhere. You seen her?”
And Bunny is all “Shhhh, don’t tell him.”

I don’t know what it is about this scratcher, but these kittens – especially Honey and Benjamin – love it. (It’s not Isabella’s scratcher, I sent that home with her, but it’s the same kind.)


Jake’s got places to be.


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