5-5-20 Tuesday

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The other night when Fred left the kitten room at bed time a couple of the kittens ran through the door before he could shut it, and so we decided it was time for them to meet their uncles. Conveniently, Uncle Archie was RIGHT there, waiting for Fred.

Carmelita and Pablo said “WHAT?!”

And then they donned their Floof Suits.

And so did Javier.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” Javier wondered.

Carmelita held her “You are so dead, Mister” pose while Archie ignored her and looked up at Fred.

After a few minutes we put the kittens back into the foster room and shut the door, and Carmelita kept her Floof Suit on for several minutes before taking it off.

The kittens had the run of the house beginning the very next morning, and as usually happens they checked out the downstairs on the first day, spent all their time in the foster room (safety!) the second, and on the third they decided it was time to do some more exploring. Most of the permanent residents, upon having kittens running around the house, spend their time on the screened in porch during the day, and only come inside in the evening. Uncle Archie, though, LOVES to spend his days on my bed. And upon finding out that he could once again hang out up there, wasted little time staking out his spot.

Alejandro was skittishly intrigued.

He and Archie touched noses. (Despite his Resting Brat Face and tendency to be a jerk, he is actually very tolerant of kittens as long as they don’t get too far up in his space.)

Carmelita kept a healthy distance.

Javier put on his Stranger Danger suit and showed it to Archie.

“I ain’t kiddin’, Mister.”

And then they convened in the hallway to discuss how they’d terrified that scary strange Uncle.

On the first night, when the kittens ran out of the room, Jake and Khal happened to wander up the stairs, saw the kittens, and turned around and went back downstairs. I think it’s safe to say that they want nothing to do with those kittens. Same with Alice and Dewey. Really, Uncle Archie is the only one who is completely unbothered by them, though he also doesn’t seek them out or anything.


“There are kittens in there, you say? Nope, I’m good out here, thanks.”


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