7-10-19 Wednesday

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Note: No kittens as of 11 pm. I’ll update this page when I wake up in the morning (I expect I’ll be waking up through the night to check on her, too. If there’s any news, I’ll update.)

UPDATE: At some point between 2:30 and 5:00, Margeaux birthed 6 kittens, gray or brown tabbies. I’m leaving them alone for now, but will get in there in a few hours (I’m going back to bed!) to take more pictures and look them over. They’re all squirmy, vigorous and nursing. Also (from what I can see) adorable, naturally. The big kittens are curious, but staying out of the crate. (PS: I’m pretty sure she’s done having kittens, but never say never.)


“Seriously, lady.”

Margeaux got an ear-cleaning courtesy of Katriane yesterday morning. Awww.

Around noon yesterday, I couldn’t find Margeaux, and finally thought to look in the crate. There she was, with Antoine, who was cleaning her ears. She was purring like crazy.

Then (as compensation, perhaps?) she let him nurse.

As the day went on, she let all of the kittens into the crate with her and they all nursed. She occasionally left the crate to use the litter box or flop down on the floor, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the last days of her pregnancy (if she didn’t have them last night, that is – since I write these posts the night before and schedule them to post at 5 am (central time), that’s certainly possible.)

Madeline loves to sniff my hair. Gee, I guess it smells Terrific!

Jacques has a sleepy.

Katriane has a cranky.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

Francois is proud of the fact that he’s NEARLY 2 pounds.

Madeline has taken to climbing up under the blanket on the couch and then falling asleep.

Esmee and Amelie judge me.

The look she gave me when I asked her why she’s so darn cute. “I don’t know, lady, I just am!”

Fred was waving a toy around and got all the kittens interested.


Frankie sure does love his daddy.


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