7-4-19 Thursday

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Margeaux and Katriane relax and unwind.

Antoine, Madeline, Francois and Esmee think it’s nap time.

Jacques goes for the stretch.

Madeline and Antoine fill up that basket.

Francois has a skeptical, Madeline has a snooze, and in the ham-mick Esmee and Jacques have a tussle.

“Keeping an eye on you, lady.” (Margeaux)

Oh, that Jacques.

Amelie loves to watch the clothes in the dryer go ’round and ’round.

Esmee’s saving that donut for later.

Have I mentioned that Amelie loves that box?

These kittens and their belly flops kill me dead. (Antoine)

The meezers, having a secret meeting in the scattered litter next to the litter boxes. Left to right: Antoine, Esmee, Jacques.


I might be ready for winter (I am not kidding), but Jake is LOVING this summer heat.


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