7-9-19 Tuesday

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Antoine has a sleepy.

“Excuse us, lady, we is trying to nap.” Left to right: Jacques, Esmee, Antoine, Francois, Amelie & Madeline.

I think we’ve got a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here with Esmee.

“I will tell you WHAT, when she has HER kittens I am NOT going to lift one whisker to help her, I’m going to just lay around and say “HA HA, Margeaux, my kittens can eat on their own when they want to, and gosh I WISH I could help you, but I don’t want to!””

Amelie and her great big cartoonish eyes is just the CUTEST.

Francois asleep on the couch with Mister Rat. I love that they’re in the same position.

Amelie comes up to check on Francois (and possibly on Mister Rat as well.)

Antoine comes up for a hug.

Oh, those eyes. He is such a gorgeous boy!

“Excuse me, lady, I’m trying to have a snuggle with Mister Rat!” (Amelie)

Size comparison. I haven’t weighed Margeaux – mostly because she doesn’t really care for being picked up at this stage of pregnancy – but I can tell you that Katriane weighs just over 7 pounds.


Dewey takes a walk through the monkey grass.


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