7-30-19 Tuesday

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We have a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here with Jacques.

I sure do love that Amelie.

Jacques and Francois have a snuggle.

Madeline wonders “Why so weird, lady?”

Francois always has something to say.


“He talks a lot but never says anything.” (Antoine)

Esmee loves that packing strap.

Fred brought Katriane in to see the big kittens the other night. She’s a little bored in the guest bedroom with Margeaux and the little ones, so we thought we’d let her blow off some steam. The kittens were excited to see her, and a few tried to nurse but she wasn’t having it. She did a lot of running and playing, but after half an hour or so, she started getting growly at the kittens (probably because they wouldn’t stop trying to nurse), so we put her back in with Margeaux. I’ve started putting her in with the kittens in the morning when I feed everyone and do the morning scoop/sweep. It’s a lot easier to clean in the guest bedroom without Katriane getting all up in my space with her nosy self. Then we put her in with them for a while in the evening, too. She plays just like a kitten and likes having the room to run. I think she’ll be happy when we’re eventually able to move her, Margeaux, and the little ones into the big foster room.


Beauregard’s keeping an eye on me.

Gabrielle at weigh-in.

Gabrielle again. “You think this box is gonna contain me, lady?”

Three in the big box, three in the smaller box.

All six at the milk bar… in the smaller box, of course.

Whatever, you weirdo. (This reminds me of Caroline keeping her kittens in the carrier, and when I tried to move them to the bigger crate, she moved them back. Will I ever learn? I think not.)

The little ones are doing well, gaining weight, bright-eyed and starting to be curious about the world around them. They’re so CUTE at this age!


Archie would like his treats now, IF Y’DON’T MIND.


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