7-31-19 Wednesday

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“Excuse you, lady, we is talking about you.” (Esmee & Jacques)

Madeline’s serious little face kills me dead.

Esmee from above.

“Just checking out your art work, lady. You is a very terrible art arranger and hanger.” Everyone’s got opinions, Antoine.

Jacques with attitude.

Amelie shows off her delightful belly.

Francois: still Da BAYbee, in case you wondered.

Very early yesterday morning, according to Fred, Katriane started howling and howling to come out of the guest bedroom. (I was sleeping and didn’t hear a thing, which indicates to me that she couldn’t have been as loud as she was when she was in heat!) She wouldn’t hush, so he moved her from the guest bedroom to the foster room, and she spent the next six hours playing like crazy. I kept waiting for her to take a nap, planning to move her back in with Margeaux, but she never did – and in the meantime, I found that Margeaux seemed a lot calmer and more attentive to her babies without Katriane in there.


So we left Katriane in with the big kittens and left Margeaux on her own with the little kittens, and if one Mama or the other protests being separated we’ll reunite them, but for now we’ll keep them separated for now. (When the big kittens move to their forever homes – not sure when that’ll happen – Katriane, Margeaux and the little ones will be reunited in the foster room.)

Margeaux’s babies are 3 weeks old today!

Luc has perfected his Ears of Annoyance.

And oh yeah, I moved them all to the big box yesterday afternoon so they wouldn’t be so cramped, and Margeaux just went with it. Maybe Katriane’s been a bad influence all along!

Fleur’s got places to go, so you better get outta her way!

Josephine keeps an eye on things.

Beauregard’s constant goggle-eyed amazement kills me.

Henri, ignoring Gabrielle’s belly.

Luc (left) and Fleur. She’s got a much lighter face than he does, which is really only helpful if they’re side by side. For now, I’ll keep her ear marked with the dab of yellow.


Dewey wonders who trimmed back the catnip (it was me!) and how long it’ll take to grow back (not long!)


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