7-2-19 Tuesday

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Cutie. (Antoine)

I love that little reddish spot on Margeaux’s head.

Katriane and her little Mini-Me Amelie.

Paws up, y’all! (Madeline)



“Excuse you, lady, we is havin’ a snuggle.” (Francois and Jacques, with Madeline in the background.)

“Amelie, your BREATH!!!” (Amelie, Antoine (who thinks he’s so funny), and Madeline)

Jacques and Antoine snuggle up for a nap.

Growing those kittens takes a lot of rest.

Esmee’s keeping an eye on you.

The kittens – and Katriane and Margeaux – met the vacuum cleaner yesterday. The kittens were a little interested, a lot wary, but not all that scared. They got up on the little cat tree and kept an eye on the situation. Margeaux retreated to her favorite spot – atop the cabinet, like where she is in that picture above – and kept an eye on me. Unfortunately, Katriane had a packed schedule and coincidentally needed to be on the opposite side of the room from wherever I was when the vacuum was running, so I’ll have to report on her in the future.


16 pounds of Newt in a 10-pound box.


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