7-2-18 Monday

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I was going to share the rest of the pictures I have of the Olympian kittens in today’s post, but there were enough of them that I thought I’d share half of them today and the rest tomorrow.

(Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we were waiting for Kristi to have her kittens, and now they’re all grown and gone? Time flies!)

Ohno, judging my bathtub-cleaning skills.

Please note that he has his paw positioned juuuust so, so you can admire those toes.

Post dinner-time, and apparently the plate of canned food wasn’t enough for Scott, who’s going for the milk bar.

Katia, checking out the view.

Oh, that sweet, worried face. (Scott)

Torvill, getting flirty.

So late last week, Scott and Debi went to Petsmart to join Torvill and Oksana. They’re all together, sharing a big cage, and while there have been no adoptions yet, I’m sure it won’t be long. I will, of course, let y’all know when there are adoptions or any news to share.

I mentioned this last week, but I’m repeating: you can see Brian Boitano (now Prince Harry) and Picabo (now Harley Quinn) over on Facebook!


That’s Buxton, biting the sleeve of my shirt. I’d be more irate, but Life is Good t-shirts hold up surprisingly well to sharp little kitten teeth.

Eliot and Arundel, snuggling in the bed. Take a closer look at Eliot’s face, it’s cracking me UP.

Calais (left) and her little minion Millie. Torties gotta stick together!

On Friday, I had to put all the kittens in my bathroom because the guy was coming to put doors on the cabinets in the kitten room (I got before pictures, I just need to get after pictures, and I’ll share them. They look GREAT.) I worried that the kittens would be scared or nervous, having to spend most of the day in my bathroom, but they didn’t care at ALL. I walked in to check on them, and they were all curled up on the bed.

Otis atop the stuffed cat is cracking me UP.

Silly boy.

“We was sleepin’, lady. What you want?”

These kittens really like to curl up together, and Arundel LOVES to be in the middle of them. She’s such a sweet girl.

When they get too warm, some of them climb out of the bed, but they don’t go far.

Calais and Bethel have claimed this little cat tree as their own in the last couple of days.

Such a sweet boy.

The weekend was a rough one for the kittens. Arundel didn’t want to eat and was alternately having diarrhea and vomiting on Saturday (she woke looking and feeling much better Sunday). There’s an upper respiratory thing that started with Calais and Bethel. They’re now sounding a thousand times better, but Kennebunk, Otis and Buxton have started sneezing, Buxton has a goopy eye, Otis’s eyes are getting red, and so all the kittens are on meds. They look rough right now, but they’re all playing and eating, so I’m not too worried.


Archie on the hunt.


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7-2-18 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Eliot has a bit of the Big Headed Puff Man in him. The picture of him leaning back and showing off his teef gave me a flashback of Puff.

    Love seeing the Olympians! Look at Ohno judging your bathtub-cleaning skills…

  2. Aww… sorry the kittens are feeling a bit rough! Poor little monkeys. Glad they are getting your tender loving care!!

    Oh, the ‘Tater howling in 2012!!!

    As does everyone, I sure hope the remaining Olympians find themselves the perfect homes quick-like!

  3. I’m certain you kissed all of Scott’s worry away. And best wishes to the poorly kittens — it’s awful when illnesses cycle through a litter.

  4. Having just run the respiratory infection/conjunctivitis gauntlet with my two new babies, I am in awe. Trying to wrangle two kittens to do antibiotics and eye ointment was a challenge. I can’t imagine what it must be like with nine!

  5. Eliot doing the cheesy school picture grin. And that orange tabby smooshed against the wall in the “when they get too warm” picture 🙂

  6. One thing I think is harder with cats than dogs, their health just seems more fragile. So whenever something seems off, it is such a worry to me. I think my experience makes me a very nervous owner to cats I now have, so much so that they are probably like “back off lady!”. I hope the kittens are all back to 100%!