7-3-18 Tuesday

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Here are the last of the pictures I had of the Olympians kittens (unless I run across some I’ve stashed in an odd folder somewhere, which is always possible!)

Showin’ off those toeses.

Scott appears to have dropped the worried face in favor of something a little more sultry. (That’s Tessa behind him.)

Kristi’s face is cracking me up: “Seriously?”

Da BAYbee.

Casual pose to ever-so-casually show off those toes.

That is one seriously full pie plate.

Torvill and Oksana. That mid-yawn face of hers and all those whiskers is cracking me UP.

Little posers.


Eliot in the Tiny Basket, with attitude.

Buxton and Millinocket, tusslin’ in the Tiny Basket.

“Hi, innernets, hi! Yep, I’ve still got those cool-colored eyes, but more important, check out this BELLY!” (Bethel)


“Innernets, please admire my belly, my belly is awesome, too.”

I think they’re playing Dentist, with Eliot as the observer. Or maybe the Dental Assistant!

I love Buxton’s face. That’s not a full Open Mouth of Outrage, but he’s headed in that direction!

Kitten hugs.

Arundel loves to hang out with Dexter, because he’s dreeeamyyy.

The kittens are hanging in there. Still sneezing, still goopy-eyed (not that you can tell by those pictures up there, since they were taken before the illnesses set in.) At this point Millinocket and Dexter are the only ones who are 100% healthy, so I’m sure they’ve got something SPECIAL up their sleeves for me. The rest of them are still eating and playing, so I’m holding out hope that they get over this sooner rather than later. (Oh, never mind. Now Millinocket has started sneezing. Yayyy.)


Sometimes I mistake Dewey for Kara and vice versa. The only reason I knew this was Dewey immediately is because the Sheriff would never be found laying down on the job like this. Dewey’s a little more on the slacker side, to say the least.


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7-3-18 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. Is it just me, or does Eliot remind anyone else of Puff’s Giant Head??

  2. Deputy Dewber is gonna be in big trubble if the Sheriff catches him bein’ so lazy!

  3. Dexter’s orinj coloring highlights Arundel’s orinj spots. Great pictures of all these sweeties! I hope everybuddy feels better soon!

  4. The caption for the photo of Torvill & Oksana should be “Get aHOLD of yourself girl! He’s not that cute.”