7-5-19 Friday

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Happy Friday. I have an IG friend who’s in a neighbourhood with a unaltered Tom cat. The cat has a home, the owner doesn’t care that it roams & defecates on neighbours property. My friend has tried everything she can think of & google to either get this cat to avoid her property or to trap the cat, nothing has worked. Do you or your followers have any suggestions? I don’t think a cat fence around the owners property is on the table.

Starr said: I can tell you if Lothario was wandering on my property, I would trap him, get him fixed and ear-tipped. No need to tell the neighbors.

Sam’s mom said: Bloodmeal works but needs to be applied every time after it rains…

I immediately thought of a motion detect sprinkler (like such). I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve seen videos online, and they seem to work well.

Anyone else got a suggestion? Please chime in in the comments!


I’ve been wondering whether Archie or anyone still hangs out on the stairs between the foster room and the kitchen. Has there been much curiosity on either side of that door?

No one at all hangs out on the stairs, but in the evening when we’re hanging out with the fosters before bed, Archie usually hangs out in the hallway right outside the door. I freaked out a little the other night because I opened the door and Archie was RIGHT THERE, and I was sure that Katriane or Margeaux would kick his butt, but they didn’t even see him. (And to be honest, I don’t know that they’d be all that aggressive with him – or even care – I just worry when it comes to mamas and the permanent residents, and Archie tends to hiss at kittens.)


Was I the only one when I read….’you already know that every adult male here is neutered’ and immediately thought that Fred probably didn’t want that on internet? 😉


You should probably rephrase that comment about Margeaux’s pregnancy. I’m sure that Fred did not appreciate your comment that “every adult male here is neutered.” Maybe he is, but that’s up to Fred to disclose.

When Fred had his vasectomy 15 years ago, he took pictures and shared them on his now-defunct blog. I think he’s A-OK with strangers knowing about the state of his fertility. (I myself have had a hysterectomy. We’re not kidding about spay/neuter!)


Maybe Margeaux’s pregnancy is karmic retribution for all the fakers? I can just see the universe saying “Well, she wasn’t happy when she thought she had a pregnant cat and didn’t get kittens, maybe she’ll like this better….”

I think this is the first time we thought we had a non-pregnant cat who turned out to be pregnant! There’s always a first time, right?


Maybe Margeaux’s kitten can be named in a patriotic theme: Betsy (Ross), George and Martha (Washington), Paul (Revere), Abigail and John (Adams)?

Very cute idea, but we’re sticking with the French theme lest I get too confused.


Oh my God there is a tiny staircase leading up to the litter box (in the Margeaux and Katriane photo).

Isn’t that great? Fellow foster mom Winnie gave me that several years ago and it works really well – the kittens immediately know how to use them. We’ve also got a couple of these, in green. I don’t want the kittens to ever NOT be able to get into the litter box when they’ve gotta go. At this point, they don’t really need them, but I’ll leave them in place for a bit longer, just to be safe.


This picture does no justice to the size of that belly.

Amelie shows off her stripes.

Esmee is something awesome, indeed.


I love how much they love that donut bed. (Francois)

“Could be bigger, though.” (Esmee & Francois)

Jacques has started sleeping on the couch. I keep hoping to walk into the room and find all of them sleeping there. Hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it does!

Sleepy Miss Esmee.

Jacques and Madeline trying to sleep – and grumpy about the interruption.

Sometimes you eat the donut… sometimes the donut eats you. (Antoine)

Sleepy Esmee.


Alice Mo is hanging out inside the house, like a smart girl. It’s HOT out there!

YouTube link


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