7-26-19 Friday

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Are any of the meezers cross-eyed? or slightly even? Upside down kitten seems to be, but that could just be because of upside down!

Jacques sometimes looks like he might ever-so-slightly be cross-eyed, but if he is, it’s just a teeny tiny bit.


So… was Margeaux mainly missing Katriane then, when she put up such a fuss about being in the guest room initially?

I think she was mostly putting up a fuss about being moved. Moving Katriane in there with her helped in that it gave her company, but they still fussed for a couple of days until they got used to the new routine.

Much like ME, cats prefer a routine and like to know what to expect. Throwing them (and ME) into a new situation invariably sends them into a bit of a tizzy.


Did you get a pic of that bunny-kick? You could put that black bar over the offender’s eyes so we won’t know who it is.

I did not get a bunny-kick pic, unfortunately – I was more interested in stopping the bunny-kicker and saving the bunny-kickee. I wish I had gotten a picture of the offense – the glee on the kicker’s face still makes me laugh when I think of it. Three people have guessed rightly that Amelie was the bunny-kicker, so it seems that her reputation precedes her.


LOL… why is it that every time you tell us about you & your mama cats moving babies around, I hear the Keystone Kops chase music in my head?



If you could only make yourself comfortable, Katriane.

I don’t know what on earth is going on in the guest bedroom. The kittens were under the bed yesterday morning – which is where they’d been the night before – all together, piled up and sleeping. I left the house for a few hours to get groceries and run errands, and when I got back, I checked on them. Whereupon I found that there was one kitten in the crate, one in the middle of the floor, and the other four under the bed still. The mamas were both on the bed, asleep. I put the two back with the four under the bed, and left. A few hours later, all 6 kittens were in the crate. A few hours after that, two were between the litter boxes and the rest were in the crate. At this point, I don’t even care where she puts them as long as she keeps them pottied and fed. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, MARGEAUX.


“Excuse you, lady, we is not to be disturbed.”

If only Jacques and Esmee (over there on the left) had been in the middle part of the bigger cat tree, this would have been an awesome picture. Kittens: always ruining my good picture opportunities.

I finally got around to putting the mirrors up! The kittens aren’t all that impressed.

Hanging out on the cabinets overlooking the back yard. I love Amelie’s stretch. That girl is about to hit her lanky stage.

All 6! Left to right: Esmee, Madeline, Francois (back), Antoine (front), Amelie & Jacques.

I think Francois and Amelie are fans of the sunshine.

Oh those EARS. (Madeline)

Francois has discovered where the toys are kept.

The big kittens are off to be spayed and neutered today! I expect we’ll have no issues, and they’ll be home and racing around before we know it.


Jake head-butts the sheriff. Awww.


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