1-28-19 Monday

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Isn’t she just the prettiest girl?

They seem to be listing to starboard a bit.

Taking care of business.

Sweet boy.

He’s not always the recipient of baths; sometimes he’s the provider. He gives more vigorous baths than she does, though, and they’re not always appreciated.

That belly.

Feeling a little judged here by all those Pete(s) the cat(s), to be honest.

No real change on the pregnancy front. The belly seems a bit larger, but no movement yet, and while she’s eating well she’s not eating voraciously. If I get a vote (and I know I don’t), I wouldn’t mind having kittens the week of Valentine’s Day. We’ll see!


Dewey, outside. We had sun over the weekend (!!!) and the cats were happy – so were the humans!


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