1-10-19 Thursday with Khal

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Unfortunately, Axle was returned yesterday. He was adopted during the adoption event 2 1/2 weeks ago, and a family member turned out to have allergies, so back he came. He was maybe a little confused, but other than that was fine. He’ll be going to Jones Valley Petsmart later today to join Clutch and Cam (and Ryder, who wants nothing to do with any of ’em.)

You know the drill – email info (at) ffhsv.org if you’re interested in adopting any of them. And I’ll let y’all know when any of them have been adopted!


Today we focus on Khal Drogo, that magnificent beast.

Such a flirt.

Having a disturbing thought.

A puddle of Khal.

Goofy face.

Those teef.

I forgot to dust him off before I took this picture, apparently.

I have no long-ago posts about Khal to share like I did with Kara and Jake, because he’s been with us a relatively short amount of time. I can point you to the very first post I had that included him, from just over 3 years ago. That’s when he first showed up, but then he stopped showing up for long periods of time, which makes me wonder where he was hanging out when he wasn’t around our house. He showed up again at around the end of November 2016, and Fred got serious about taming him. It’s amazing to think that when we moved to this house at the end of November last year, I could barely touch Khal, and now if I’m not laying on the couch to watch TV by 6:00, he comes to yell at me. I’m barely on that couch before Khal is floomped up next to me demanding to be petted.

In recent weeks, he’s started coming upstairs in the evening. He hangs out on the bed with us, and when Fred goes to hand out the Babycat before going to bed, Khal gets a share. Then Fred goes to bed, and about 25% of the time Khal comes back into my room to hang out with me. He’s slept with me, as far as I know, three times.

I fully expect that this time next year I’ll be saying that I can barely remember a time when Khal wasn’t flopped across my face all night long.


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