1-18-19 How Well Have They Aged Friday

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My old, old, old cat seems to want some warmth for his old bones. What is your favorite (indoor) cat-activated heating mat (brand and where’d you get it)?

Depending on what kind of bed your kitty likes, I can recommend the Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed if he likes the big, plush overstuffed type of bed (they come in larger sizes, too), or if you’re looking for a mat-type bed, we’ve used (and the cats have liked) the Milliard Thermal Cat Mat. I’ve gotten both of those beds from Amazon, but I think (though I can’t swear to it) that Petsmart or Petco would have the mat-type beds, especially this time of year.


Finishing up the Permanent Residents: How Well Have They Aged?

Newt in October of 2006, the first time Maxi brought him around to meet us, and from two days ago. (There was a time when I was sure Newt would never happily spend time inside, and clearly I had no idea what I was talking about, because I can’t even remember the last time I saw him outside.)

The end of November, 2006.

Kara and her about-to-pop pregnant belly (April 2008), and from earlier this week.

Those big wide eyes! This was just a few weeks later – her kittens were sleeping and she was getting some petting. She already had that stern Sheriff expression going on.

Jake (left) and Elwood in their very first picture, August 2009. And on the right from earlier this week, lookin’ loony.

In January 2010. This picture cracks me up because it really shows off his loons!

Khal in November 2015, and from last week. Isn’t he magnificent?

One year after we first spotted him – November 2016, when he showed up again after several months’ absence, and Fred decided it was time to get serious about taming him.

Even though we didn’t do this for the other permanent residents, let’s see a picture of Khal from one year later, November 2017.

Inside, but still giving me the suspicious eyes.

And lastly, one year later, which brings us to December 2018.

“You coming to bed, or what?”

We’ve come a long way, baby.


People of the innernets, one last thing before you go.

Our long national nightmare is over.

The foster break is at an end.

Meet Caroline.

She was pulled from the shelter in Athens yesterday and came to us last evening.

She is tiny – just 6 pounds – and she is extremely sweet and confident. When we opened the carrier to let her out, she came right out and explored every inch of the foster room with her tail held high. She loves to be petted. The feather teaser perplexes her, but she finds toys interesting.

She and her beau were turned into the shelter by their owner, who due to a job loss is moving. Caroline is 8 months old, a little older than Ryder’s kittens, and smaller than most of them.

Did I mention tiny?

And yes.

She is pregnant.

(They said at the shelter that they thought she had a week or less to go. I think she’s probably got a couple of weeks, but also we ALL know that I never know what I’m talking about when it comes to this. I do hope that she has a couple of weeks, because while she’s in good shape – she’s small, but not skin and bones – having some extra time to rest up and gain weight can only be a good thing. I’m hoping for a very small litter. If that tiny thing pops out 8 kittens, I promise you I will freak out, and none of us want that.)

PS: The naming theme: it’s Little House on the Prairie. She’s Caroline (Ma Ingalls!) and the kittens will be given names from the books/TV show, not necessarily just the Ingalls family (I mean, don’t we need to name the bratty one Nellie?) I’m not sure what the litter as a whole will be called. The Pioneers? I don’t know. Suggestions?


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