1-14-19 Monday with Alice

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Do you remember this sweet little face?

How about now?

That, of course, is the kitten formerly known as Dynamo – she’s now Piper – who has clearly completely settled in to her forever home.

(To be fair, it took her approximately 30 seconds to feel completely at home when I dropped her off.)

Warning: this next picture might cause actual physical cute-induced pain.

Snuggling with her big sister. Look at that SMILE.

So so so HAPPY.

(Thanks, Katelyn!)


Today we focus on Alice!

She likes to hang out in out-of-the-way places. I never would have known she was sleeping in this stack of beds in Fred’s office if he hadn’t told me.

Hanging out on the deck.

Under that chair is a favorite spot.

Under the chair again.

She is SUCH a pretty girl.

Alice Mo the calico is – hold on to your hats, folks – going to be 9 years old in June! It’s been 8 years since she showed up on our front porch (read that story here). She was so small that we thought she was about the same age as the kittens we were fostering at the time – the Brady Bunch – but it turned out that she was actually more like six months old, and just really small for her age.

Fred, who was enamored of the idea that she was – according to the vet – “probably not going to get bigger than 6 pounds” kept making noises about keeping her, but since he wouldn’t commit one way or the other, off she went to Petsmart when there was room for her. And the very next day, we went back and got her (story here.) (Fun fact: she weighs just under 10 pounds these days.)

Alice Mo is a sweetheart, loves Fred, and likes me pretty well too, but some of her brothers – Archie, Frankie and Dewey – tend to be rotten and mean and make her nervous. I think they – especially Frankie and Dewey – aren’t actually TRYING to be mean, they’re probably trying to play, but she doesn’t WANT to play with them, and runs and hides from them. (I should add – she’s not constantly running and hiding from them, and not even every day. But sometimes they run toward her and she runs away, and they seem to take that as an invitation to chase her, which she DOES NOT LIKE.) She also finds kittens pretty terrifying. Poor Alice Mo.

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