1-8-19 Tuesday with Jake

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In case you missed it last night…

Pulley was adopted! Luckily, I happened to go by Petsmart for a little while yesterday afternoon, so I got to see and kiss her one last time before she went home.

This leaves Ryder, Cam and Clutch at Petsmart. Fingers crossed that they all go home soon.


Today (as you can tell from the title, I’d imagine) we’re focusing on Jake the Loon.

We had that tree cut down in May, and Jake wasted no time in claiming the left over trunk as his own. (This picture is taken through Fred’s bedroom window.)

Hanging out on the deck.

Looking loonified on the rock wall.

More hanging out on the rock wall. The cats love the rock walls in the back yard, can you tell?

And hanging out in the kitchen on the table.

The Loon on his throne.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Frankie and Jake are becoming buddies. Jake is pretty happy these days – not only does he have Khal to occasionally snuggle with and who will lick his head occasionally, now he’s also got Frankie to play with. Life is pretty good for the loon!

Long time readers will be shocked to hear that Jake is going to be TEN this year. Ten! I still think of him as not much more than a kitten, and I clearly remember the day he and Elwood showed up on our side stoop. Seems like it just happened yesterday!


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