1-3-19 Thursday

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These are the pictures I took Monday evening at Petsmart, when I was cleaning. Today I’ll share the pictures of my kittens, and tomorrow I’ll share some pictures of the other adorable kitties who are at Petsmart.

Cam’s whiskers haven’t gotten any less fabulous.

Clutch was too busy watching the other cats to pose for me.

Pulley found my hoodie a comfy place to hang out.

Hanging out on the cat tree (yes, there was a feather teaser being waved around.)

Clutch joined Pulley on the top level.

And Cam said “GUYS. Let me in!”

Pulley was staring at a certain kitty who had caught her eye…

Yes, fabulous mama Ryder, who has filled out beautifully.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Such a beautiful poser.

(No, I didn’t let Ryder out with the kittens. She got time out of her cage – and lots of snuggles – after all the other cats and kittens in the room had expended their energy and were tucked away in their cages again. I know several people hoped that she might be adopted with one of her kittens, but I assure you that Ryder 100% wishes no such thing.)


Look at this video I found hiding in a random folder! It’s Ryder and her kittens from mid-September. They were so TEENY and CUTE! (I mean, they’re still plenty cute, just not quite so teeny!)

YouTube link


I put the Christmas decorations away yesterday, and now Archie’s pretty sure something is different but he’s not sure what, and it’s making him grumpy.


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