1-23-19 Wednesday

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I can’t believe I didn’t address this in the post where I introduced Charles: no, we’ve never had a father cat present before – in fact, I don’t know that we’ve ever even known who the fathers of our previous mama kitties’ were.

(That’s a really convoluted sentence, I hope it’s understandable.)

Actually, now that I think about it, I believe they suspected a particular unaltered male of being the father to both Kristi’s and Katia’s kittens, but he didn’t come here, he was neutered and adopted out (I might not be remembering that right, though.)

Someone asked if Caroline and Charles would be adopted out together, and at this point I’m not sure. We’re going to see how they do this next couple of months. I don’t think they act particularly bonded, BUT it’s still pretty early yet. I keep hoping to sneak in and find them curled up together, but they seem pretty content each in their own space for the moment.

Neighborhood watch.

She is SUCH a playful girl.

Watching her play.

Toy in her mouth, pausing to sharpen her claws.

Those eyes!

Keeping watch.

He loves that pie plate.

Taking a rest.

I don’t know how obvious it is in pictures, but I think the belly is visibly larger than it was when we got her. Between Thursday and Sunday, she gained nearly half a pound. She’s eating well and enjoying her thrice-daily canned food, but she isn’t eating voraciously yet.

There’s no belly movement yet, though yesterday was the first time she slowed down long enough for me to look at her belly long enough to determine that there wasn’t any movement. She’s gone from pretty friendly to a full-on love bug. When I sit on the floor of the foster room now, she marches over, puts her paws on my knee, and reaches up to head-butt me, then demands petting. She is just so darned sweet. They both are!


Newt strikes a pose.


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