1-25-19 Friday

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Going to have carpal tunnel surgery shortly, Robyn, I know you had it done. Did you get the desired results and was the recuperation lengthy?

It’s been 4 months since I had my carpal tunnel surgery, and it wasn’t bad at ALL. The worst part of it was having to wear the splint for two weeks (which is something a lot of people don’t have to do – it depends on your surgeon) and that was more annoying than anything. The area around the incision was tender for about 2 months, and then it gradually went away. And I would get the occasional shooting pain in my hand up until about the three month point (which was momentarily painful, but never lasted for longer than a few seconds.)

I definitely got the desired result – beforehand, my fingertips would go numb if I were typing or surfing, and that hasn’t been a problem at all since.

(Good luck with your surgery!)


In the two pictures of Charles on the scratcher showing his side it looks like he has a penguin on his back offering an egg.

I can totally see that!


I was wondering if you’re concerned about Caroline’s maternal instincts (or lack thereof) kicking in once her kittens are born? 8 months is young; she’s still a kitten herself in some ways. Have you ever fostered such a young mama cat?

I’ve never fostered such a young mama (usually they’re at least a year old or older when I get them), and I am definitely concerned about her maternal instincts. I am hoping very much that they kick in as they should. Crossing all my fingers and toes!!


What color is Charles? It is hard for me to tell on my little screen….

He’s brown tabby and white. And his brown fur ranges in shade from grayish to dark brown to even some caramel tones.


Charles’ markings remind me of Mercury & the missions

I can definitely see that! (Here’s Mercury, for reference.)


What’s the backstory of Charles and Caroline? Where did they come from?

They were in a home together and were surrendered to a shelter; their owner lost her job recently and is relocating to another state.


Is this the first mommy AND daddy you’ve fostered? I hope Charles is a good “Pa” to the kittens.

It is! And I hope all goes smoothly! (Fingers crossed!)


Do you have a weight list of your permanent residents? (so I can compare my cat)

Here you go:

Alice: 9 lb 13 oz
Archie: 12 lb
Dewey: 9 lb 8 oz
Frankie: 9 lb 8 oz
Jake: 12 lb 2 oz
Kara: 7 lb 14 oz
Khal: 13 lb 4 oz
Newt: 14 lb 6 oz


I just love Jake and his funny expressions and his cute face with the little cheeks. What became of Elwood?

Elwood passed away from FIP in December 2012; you can read about him here.


Those of you who remember Little Stefan on the Prairie…

(Halloween 2016)

Have probably been waiting for this to happen.


(The hat didn’t fit all that well, because she’s still pretty much kitten-sized and has a tiny head.)

And while we were at it…


(Yes, I know that that’s not exactly what Pa’s hat looked like on the show, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for him to wear a cowboy hat, right?)

Such a muffin, that boy.

Couldn’t you just squeeze him?

“Helloooooo, good-lookin’!”

Playful girl.

If you look closely, you’ll see her fangs. She was giving that toy what-for.

Silly girl.

So the belly is getting bigger and she’s eating pretty heartily now. She’s usually sleeping when I walk into the room, but she comes right over to be petted (that girl loves to be kissed!) and after we snuggle for a bit, she goes off and plays.

The longest we’ve had to wait for a mama kitty to give birth was with Kristi, who made us wait 27 days (which still is amazing to me, because she was huuuuge when we got her!) I would be okay with waiting that long for Caroline.

We’ve had 10 cats give birth while with us, and the number of kittens they had went like this: 4 (Kara), 6 (Maggie), 4 (Emmy), 5 (Kate), 4 (Khaleesi), 7 (Lucy), 4 (Nola), 6 (Mercury), 4 (Katia), and 6 (Kristi.) If the pattern were to continue (and truly, I see no reason why it would), then we could expect 4 kittens from Caroline. I would be PERFECTLY happy if she just had a couple. (By the way, you can see all our previous mama cats here. I need to add Ryder to the list at the bottom, and Caroline to the list at the top. Hopefully I’ll get to that soonish.)

But of course I get no say in this sort of thing, so we’re gonna get what we get. I don’t expect any kittens this weekend, but if she should surprise me, I’ll post on Instagram, which will share to Facebook and Twitter, and I will post here when I can.

Just as a heads up, there will be a weekly roundup post on Sunday so don’t get all excited early Sunday morning. I haven’t done a round-up post since the last of Ryder’s kittens went to Petsmart, and it’s time to get back into the habit.


“I wonder if anyone will sit in this excellent box,” I mused one day. 10 seconds later, Archie was in it. I’ve added brown paper to the box, and now Archie likes to knock the box onto its side, burrow in, bite off pieces of the brown paper and ptooie them all over the room.


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