7-1-20 Wednesday

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday, we have another adoption pending.

Clyde and Cutey are adoption pending – TOGETHER.

They’ll still be with us a bit longer, though – they’re a bit too small for their spay/neuter surgeries, so we’re pushing that back a few weeks.

Lola, Bugs, Benjamin and Honey will head off for their surgeries today, and Cutey and Clyde will stay here and keep Bunny company (Bunny has already been spayed.) I expect there to be no issues at all with their spays and neuters, and by tonight they’ll be racing around like usual.

This leaves Bugs and Lola available still, as well as Bunny. We’re aiming to adopt Bugs and Lola out as a pair, so are holding out for that. There’ve been inquiries about Lola, but none at all about Bugs, which I don’t get at all because he’s a sweet little goober. I’m sure their people will be along soon enough… hopefully. (If that’s you, you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org )


“What, lady?” Bunny’s neck wound is looking great – she has a couple of small scabs but isn’t scratching at it any more, so she’s out of the collar now, which makes her (and me!) a whole lot happier.

Bugs always looks so AMUSED.

Lola and Honey have a snuggle.

“Mama wants a minute alone, Lola.”

Yesterday was sheet-changing day at Love & Hisses headquarters, and Clyde was very very helpful.

As was Benjamin.

“I yam very helpful!” Indeed you are, Benjamin Bunny.

The other night, when Fred was leaving the kitten room at bed time, a couple of the kittens wanted to come out with him. So he let Lola out… and then she met Uncle Archie.

She donned her stranger danger suit and just stood there, staring at him.

Uncle Archie is a good guy, though. When the kittens get all floofy and growly, he just looks at them. Behavior he’d never tolerate from an adult cat he just shrugs off when it comes from a kitten.

Last night Lola wanted out again and so did Benjamin. I wish I’d gotten video of it, because Benjamin walked right past Uncle Archie without noticing him, and walked past him again, and then he finally saw him.


“That’s Uncle Archie, and he’s terrifying.”

I keep saying that I need to bring the kittens downstairs to meet the permanent residents, but I keep… not. (Life gets in the way, y’know.)


Seriously, Khal. If only we could find a way for you to relax. (That shaved spot on his front left leg is from a dental he had a couple of weeks ago.)


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