7-16-20 Thursday

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Cutey shows off her yoga skills.

And Clyde wears his foot as a hat. Very fashionable!

This was going well, Uncle Newt was perfectly happy to sniff noses…

Then Clyde hissed and said “SIR. Please distance properly. This is NOT six feet!”

Newt shrugged and asked to go out, and Clyde said “Wait! Where ya going?!”

Then Clyde admired Jake from afar.

And Jake ignored him.


Once Bunny and Lola and Bugs were out of the house Monday, I closed off the foster room (Cutey and Clyde are in the guest bedroom at night now) and started to clean. I cleaned and cleaned and then I cleaned some more. All day Tuesday I cleaned and did laundry.

Yesterday, I filled the foster room again.

Say hello to our new fosters! First their faces and then their stories.

Calico mama Alexandra.

Alexandra was at animal control. Not only did she have an old (healed) head wound, a sizable dent in her head – caused, they think, by a fan belt, she was also pregnant. She went to Michelle’s house, and on June 3rd she gave birth to three boy kittens – mostly-black d’Artagnan, orange tabby Athos, and black and white Porthos.

Yes, I see that there are more than three kittens in that picture.

Aramis – I’m going to call him a silver and white tabby, because he looks more silvery than brown to me, though it doesn’t show well in that picture above – came from the same location where Ryder and her kittens were rescued. He joined Alexandra and her kittens in mid-June. Alexandra, who is the sweetest girl ever, had no problem with that.

Winter – floofy gray and white girl – joined them a bit later, then Constance (brown tabby and white girl) and Rochefort (classic brown tabby) joined them somewhat recently – last week, maybe? Possibly the week before? And Alexandra welcomed them all. (Winter, Constance and Rochefort all came from Athens Animal Control, same place Charles and Caroline and Margeaux and Katriane came from – and most of the Mainers.)

So we have another cobbled-together litter from various places. Alexandra’s kittens (d’Artagnan, Athos and Porthos) are 6 weeks old as of yesterday. Winter is at least a week older (possibly more than that, but we’ll call her 7 weeks old) and I think Aramis is about the same age she is. Constance and Rochefort are younger – I’m going to say 5 weeks old, though they might be younger.

Despite their age and size differences, they all play together well and snuggle up, too. I’m sure that as far as they’re concerned, they’re siblings. Who’s going to tell them otherwise?

I’ll call this litter The Musketeers (names came from The Three Musketeers, obviously – Alexandra is named after author Alexandre Dumas) unless someone suggests an alternate name I like better.

Alexandra, despite her head injury (as mentioned, it’s old and healed) gets around with NO problem at all. We’re not sure how well she sees or hears, but she definitely sees SOMETHING and she responds when the kittens cry.

“What’s up HERE?”

Winter’s all “What is going ON?!”

Athos takes a swing at the side of the crate.

Checking things out.

Rochefort has some delightful markings.

I might’ve startled d’Artagnan.

D’Artagnan and Winter get floofy at each other.

Porthos checks out the toys.

Rochefort wonders if the milk bar might be open (it was.)


On her trip through the back yard, Sheriff Alice Mo (Sheriff Mo?) stops to see what Archie is doing. That boy is always up to no good.

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