7-6-20 Monday

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For YEARS I have taunted you with my Fancy Sofa.

You’ve seen many kittens hanging out on the Fancy Sofa, looking adorable and, well, FANCY.

Well, my friends.

There is ANOTHER Fancy Sofa in town, made by Forgotten Felines of Huntsville supporter Rosie (creator of the crocheted permanent residents cat dolls you saw in the May auction) – and YOU could win it! How gorgeous is this?

(Bugs not included)

(Bunny not included)

Beginning THIS Saturday, you can buy entries into a raffle to WIN that gorgeous Fancy Sofa. Go to the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction page for more details, but here are the quick details: $5 per entry, and you can buy as many entries as you’d like. And then on July 18th, we’ll do a live drawing in my very own kitten room to choose the winner. It’ll be random, it’ll be live, and you might win your very own Fancy Sofa. AND all the money raised goes into the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville General Fund. How cool is that? Very cool! That starts this coming Saturday, July 11th. (Yes, I will mention it again!!)


Yep, she’s still letting them nurse. Far less often (she’s as apt to hiss and growl them away), but every now and then when she’s feeling nice, she lets them.

Bunny will have none of your shenanigans.

Oh, that Lola. I could just squoosh her (and I DO.)

Bugs and Cutey are all “Excuse you, lady. We is havin’ a snuggle.”

Clyde’s keeping an eye on me.

Melted kittens.

“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”

Oh that Bugs. His face KILLS ME.

Eyes on the feather teaser.

Honey would like y’all to know that the Champagne Mango box continues to be a hit.


Newt can’t believe the audacity of that squirrel.


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